Prices: General repairs and servicing

The following prices are to fit our parts; if you want your parts fitted, there is a 25% extra charge.

Mini service (everything on the bike checked, lubricated and adjusted) £40.00
Full service (everything on the bike checked, lubricated and adjusted, all bearings re-greased) £95.00
Tyre replacement £5
Inner tube replacement £5
Tubular repair £12.50
Gear service £15.00 - £20.00
Brake service £15.00 (front and rear)
Brake service Cantilevers or BMX giro £20.00
Fit brake pads (per brake) £7.50-£12.50
Fit cable (brake or gear) £8.00 - £14.00
Bottom bracket replacement £15.00
Headset replacement £20.00
Headset service (sealed cartridge) £15
Headset service (loose ball) £20
Fit front or rear mech £12.50 + cable
Bike strip and rebuild £95.00
Bike strip and re-fit full suspension £100.00
Bike assembly £25.00 - £40.00
Wheel build per wheel £25.00 - £30.00
Wheel truing per wheel from £8
Hub service front cup and cone £10.00
Hub service rear cup and cone
(freehub service or replacement £4.00 extra)
Hub service front cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Hub service rear cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Freehub body cartridge bearings £15.00 (plus bearings)
Chain replacement £5.00
Cassette replacement £5.00
Fork replacement £20.00
Suspension fork oil change £25.00 - £40.00 depending on make
Rear suspension service £40.00-£60.00 depending on make
Campag ergo lever service £20 plus kit (£9.00)
Removal and refitting £15.00
STI shifters fitting
(extra charge for internal cable routing)