Frame building

There are several reasons for approaching a custom frame builder when you are considering buying a new bike:


At Vernon Barker we specialize in lugless frame construction. This is particularly useful in the case of tandems where the unusual frame angles and joint profiles mean that lugs are not available. Some customers prefer lugless construction because of it's aesthetically smooth finish.

There are several ways to define your frame. Firstly, if you are an experienced cyclist and are sure of your requirements, you can give us a specification and we will build it exactly. Maybe you have a favourite bike; if this is the case we can base your new frame and bike on these dimensions.


We will then set up the chosen dimensions and angles on our frame fitting jig. This is attached to a turbo trainer so that you can in effect ride your new frame or bike under realistic conditions before committing yourself to the dimensions suggested. The jig can be adjusted until you are entirely happy with your position.

Experience has shown that the shape and size of a favourite bike can often be improved upon. We will make recommendations if needed, and using our jig, you can try these modifications before you commit to a finished design or specification. In any event the final decision is yours.


Our in house painting facility allows you to be as adventurous as you like with your colour scheme, be it a single colour or a more complicated "airbrush" finish. We use top quality stove enamel which is baked onto the frame. Makers' transfers are applied under a coat of clear lacquer and the frame is then stoved again. The toughness and wear resistance of our paint finishes are second to none.

Clearly the best way to specify your custom built frame is to visit us, but if you are unable to call we can supply you with a detailed order form and advise you on the measurements needed. Specifying the frame and complete bike can be a lengthy process, so please contact us first to arrange a mutually convenient time if you are making a personal visit.

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