Brands supplied

Our mission

We believe passionately in cycling as a means of transport and fun and as a way of accessing the countryside in a way that does not damage the planet. We have spent many happy hours exploring lanes on our bikes and love getting around the city on our bikes, enjoying the feeling of freedom that commuting gives us.
Bicycles are a great alternative to cars – they provide exercise, the thrill of the wind in your hair. They do not pollute, they do not damage people’s health, they give roads back to pedestrians, children and older people who are trapped in their homes by roads dominated by motor vehicles. We are keen to keep customers on the road who use their bikes as transport. We give priority to customers who use their bikes daily and will always try and get your bike fixed on the day that you bring it to us if you need it to get around.
We have a lot of knowledge about cycling for fun and cycle touring, because we love it and customers have come to us for years to have their touring bikes built and fixed. We have built a lot of touring and audax bikes and we are always keen to give advice on equipment, panniers, bags and camping gear.

The new workshop

We have been building frames, repairing and renovating bikes, frames and wheels for over 30 years. We fix all types of bikes: mountain, touring, racing, time trial, bmx, tandem and electric assisted. We repair and renovate steel frames.

We also sell parts, frames and complete bikes. As we have low overheads we can pass these on to you and we are often as cheap as the best internet prices.

The team

We offer a quick, friendly and personal service. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and skilled.

Dave is a CYTECH accredited mechanic with over 30 years experience of both repairing and riding bikes (racing, mountain bike, touring and tandem). He is also a qualified cycle trainer and is passionate about cycling as a mode of transport.

Theo has worked in several bike shops and has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a lifelong cyclist and grew up in the Netherlands where bikes are everywhere. He has competed in road racing and cyclo-cross. He rides for fun and as a means of transport. He is currently learning to framebuild.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9.30am - 5.30pm

We are often here for part of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays - feel free to ring and check.

We always close on Bank Holidays

We have an electric cargo bike for customer use whilst your bike is being repaired
custom built frames